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Join us for “Art in the Village” – Ten Thousand Villages in Cleveland Heights local gallery event!

From 6-8 p.m. on Friday, June 24 we will host a gallery reception where you can meet local Cleveland Heights artist Brent W. Gemmill! His artwork will remain in our store for this weekend only so make sure you check it out!

About our artist:
I am attracted to the beauty in the ordinary. The humor in the mundane.  The magic that happens in the fraction of a second between glimpses. And the ways that technology can enhance those glimpses, manipulating  photographic images to create photo paintings. I have recently begun a series of more sculptural pieces requiring viewer participation within the photographic and kinetic mediums. My work was recently recognized at the Allegany Arts Council’s National Photography Competition, and some of my interactive pieces will be on display at The Wine Spot on Lee Road, during its “Transport” art show. I enjoy a full life as an amateur photographer, the drummer and singer in a band, a handyman, a gardener, a father, a spouse, and the servant to two cats and a dog. I was born and raised in New Zealand but have called the United States my home for the past twenty years. – Brent W. Gemmill

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Minutes from Cedar Fairmount May General Meeting

 Present: Sal Russo, Sr. Lynn Quintrell, Mary Dunbar, Susanna Nierman O’Neil,  Lee Cavender, Kaye Lowe, Don King, and Brendan RingLee Cavender reviewed the March Secretary Report.   The report was approved.

Treasure’s Report: Brendan Ring reported we have a balance of $47,906.63 with all bills paid through May 10th.  The report was approved.  Siobhan Sinnot, accountant, has completed and filed the 990 EZ tax form.  She is working on a report for the State Auditor’s office due May 20th.  Kaye has completed the Attorney General Report for 2015 and submitted a $50.00 fee for 2016.    Cedar Fairmount’s books will be audited in late August by the State Auditor.  All SID’s are now required to be audited.  Our “simple” audit will cost approximately $1300.00.

City of Cleveland Heights:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mary Dunbar reported a RFQ has been submitted for the top of the hill.  This is a asking for qualifications, and is due May 23rd. Those who qualify will be asked to submit proposals for the approximately 4 acres.  The Cleveland Heights City Website can be linked to a history of what has happened in the past.  Those submitting RFQ’s will be scored and two or three will be asked to submit proposals due July 18th.  When a plan is determined, there will be community meetings for input. Discussion followed.

Cedar Lee SID Streetscape Improvement will cost approximately 4.8 million dollars.  It started May 9th and will be finished in December.  It goes from the Cleveland Heights library to Cain Park.  Two lanes of Lee Road will be kept open.

Susanna Nierman O’Neil reported she is chair of the parking task force.   There is a Passport pilot program using an electronic phone application in the garage at Coventry and Cedar Lee.  There will be uniformity for all the meters in Cleveland Heights.

Alex Mannarino informed Kaye ODOT has returned Cedar Fairmount’s Streetscape  plan for a few minor corrections.  Osborne Engineering is making the corrections.

Updates:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bike Share:  Kaye Lowe reported Cedar Fairmount has been selected for Bike Share to be installed in our district without charge to CFSID.  City Architecture has determined the best location will be out side Dave’s Market for the bikes and racks.   The installation will take into consideration CF’s Streetscape Plan.

Music Hop:  The Music Hop Board has approved the expansion of the Music Hop to Friday the 23 of September at Cedar Fairmount.  At this time we have five locations.  Saturday, September 24th the Music Hop will continue at Cedar Lee Business District.   Jake Orosz, Rex Beck, Dawn Jordan, & Kaye Lowe are on the committee for Cedar Fairmount.  Volunteers will be needed for the 23rd.   A patron party will be held at Nighttown following the Music Hop.

Flower Planting:  Budding:  Petitti Landscaping will be planting our summer flowers the week of May 23rd.

Summer Festival: Plans are in place for the Summer Festival on Sunday, August 7th.  Advertising has been placed in the Spring/Summer Focus, Cain Park, and Canvas.  This year we have added:  Akron Zoomobile, Nature Tracks from the Cleveland Natural History Museum, Cleveland Metro Parks, and a Monster House.  Cleveland Heights Non-Profits will receive free spaces. There is a call out for more arts and craft people and venders.

Old Business:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A revised estimated budget of $83,418.00 was presented with estimated income of $81,625.00.   Brendan Ring, treasure suggested the short fall be taken from our healthy balance.  This was unanimously approved.

Landscape Maintenance Contract:                                                                                                                                                                                                                  A Budding Artist landscape contract for maintenance of the flowers throughout the district, including the traffic island was presented for $2130 a month. (This does not include the 4 planters in front of the apartment building.)   Lee Cavender motioned to approve.  Sal Russo Sr. seconded.  Motion carried.

Letters to Apartment Owners:  Kaye sent a letter to the apartment owners on Cedar Road asking for financial support to plant and water the planters in front of their buildings.   She included the streetscape plan. We are waiting for a response.

Concerts on the Green:   Dates for the Free Concerts on the Green west of Nighttown are June 16th and July 21st.  Jim Wadsworth is obtaining talent for these.  Folks will be encouraged to bring a lawn chair or blanket and picnic from Cedar Fairmount restaurants.

New Business:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fall Fundraiser:    Discussion followed concerning having a fund raiser.   Brendan will contact Jim Wadsworth concerning a potential act.

Announcements:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Next Meeting:   Tuesday, June 21 at Nighttown


adjourned at 10:15 am.

Recorder:  Kaye Lowe



The Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District is offering two free concerts on the green west of Nighttown on Thursday, June 16th  and Thursday, July 21 from 7 pm – 9 pm.On June 16th Moises Borges and Kenny Davis and on July 21rd Morgan Mecaskey, song writer and singer with her group  will perform.  In case of inclement weather, the concerts will be inside Nighttown at 12387 Cedar Rd. in Cleveland Heights.  Bring a blanket or lawn chair and prepare to enjoy great music “under the stars”.   Round out your evening with a picnic of food from Cedar Fairmount restaurants.                                                                   For more information:   216 791-3172. 


 Moises Borges a native of Brazil,  now living in Cleveland has become a prolific performer on the Northeast Ohio scene in recent years.  A gifted vocalist and guitarist, Borges plays in the Bossa Nova tradition interpreting classics by Jobim, Gilberto, and many others.  This far away from his native Brazil the music of his homeland is very much alive when he is on stage.  Veteran trumpeter Kenny Davis brings a wealth of experience to the bandstand.  Davis was a member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra in the late 70’s.  Additionally he worked in the house band at the legendary Leo’s Casino.  At Leo’s Davis backed all of the major Motown acts including Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, and many more.  In addition to his prolific performing career, Davis is a retired member of the jazz faculty at Oberlin College, where he taught for 20 years.


Morgan Mecaskey is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist living in Cleveland, Ohio. The former front of acclaimed local indie/folk band Tinamou, Mecaskey made her solo debut in 2012 with the EP, “Righteous Kind”. “Righteous Kind” is a heart and head experience for the listener: earnest lyrics delve into metaphysical questions while vivid soundscapes, whimsical motifs, and fat beats build the bold and beguiling album.

Mecaskey has been likened to artist Jeff Buckley in the way she composes and coveys her music. An apt comparison, Mecaskey’s forceful, assured presence, deliberate arrangements, and confident handling of the guitar create an unorthodox, ethereal, visceral musical experience.

“Lover Less Wild”, Mecaskey’s most recent recording, commences with the shimmering, passionate anthem “White Horse”, wherein Mecaskey croons, “Sometimes, I don’t feel like who I really am” over and over. It’s a solid anthem that sets the tone for the EP. Woozy horns drive the mellow, R&B-inspired “Fighting Extinction, ” and the title track is a jazzy number that allows Mecaskey to show off her terrific voice. The Joni Mitchell-like ballad “Crushed” has a genuine tenderness to it, making it the perfect album closer.

Both “Lover Less Wild” and “Righteous Kind” were recorded and engineered by Dave Douglas at Danger House (Cleveland, OH). “Lover Less Wild” was mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio and “Righteous Kind” by Doc Harrill at Liquid Synergy Studios.
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Harry Potter is Back! Pre-Order “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

Title: Harry Potter is Back! Pre-Order “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”
Location: 12419 Cedar Road
Link out: Click here
Description: Pre-order your copy of this eagerly awaited addition to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The book will be released on July 31th. The newest chapter in Harry’s story is the final working script for a new play, based on an original story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, & John Tiffany, now in previews at London’s Place theater. Pre Order at Appletree Books 216.791.2665
Date: 2016-07-01

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