Weekend Valet Parking in Cedar Fairmount Business District

ASV Services, a premier valet provider in the Cleveland area, in conjunction with the Fairmount Wine Bar and Barrio Mexican Restaurant, has established valet parking starting at 6 pm on Friday and Saturdays. This will be a convenience for those who wish to visit ANY of Cedar Fairmount businesses and don’t wish to park themselves.  A drop off and pick up station is located outside the Heights Medical Building at 2460 Fairmount Blvd. (between Luna Bakery Cafe and Barrio).

East Ohio Gas is replacing gas lines dating back to the 1800’s. in the Cedar Fairmount Business District.  This has commenced and is predicted to take 8 weeks.  After the gas lines are replaced, the Cedar Fairmount SID’s 1.5 million dollar streetscape renovation plan will start.  The plans include new curbs, side walks, (expanded in some areas) removal of electric poles not being in use, new benches, bike racks, trash cans, trees, and more.  At this time sidewalks are NOT disrupted and access to stores is as usual.

The City of Cleveland Heights has granted free weekend parking  at Cedar Fairmount through October.  This means free parking in the public garage, lots and street meters Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Watch for updates at www.cedarfairmount.org under Streetscape 2017.


Members of the Cedar Fairmount Business Community received information from East Ohio Gas Officials and the City of Cleveland Heights concerning the replacement of the gas lines in the Cedar Fairmount Business District.

The replacements of the gas lines will take approximately 8 weeks and will commence, Friday, April 7th from 9 am to 4:45 pm. Monday through Friday.
Supplies and equipment will be brought into the district on Wednesday, April 5th.

The project will start on the north side of Cedar Road. Sidewalks will be torn, but access to businesses will be maintained. Pedestrians will be directed by traffic control as to where to walk and park. The businesses on the north side (Heights Center Block) have the public parking garage behind them. Where there is construction there will not be street parking. Public lots will be assessable. The businesses all have back doors that will be easily assessable to customers.

After the gas lines are replaced on the north side of Cedar Road, the south side of Cedar Road will start. As soon as excavation is complete it one section, it will be back plated and walkable.

Dominion East Ohio Gas personnel will be replacing inside meteors. They will have badges identifying them. A door hanger will be placed on businesses to alert them when to expect this transfer. At the time of transfer, gas will be cut off for 1 to 2 hours. Some meteors may not have to be replaced.  After the project is completed and the 100 year plus lines replaced, Dominion East Ohio takes ownership of what was previously the owner’s lines.

For information, phone Ohio Support Group at 1-800-544-5768. Information will be available on the Cleveland Heights City website and the Cedar Fairmount website.

The Cedar Fairmount Streetscape Project will start after the completion of the gas line installation. (July)

February Cedar Fairmount Board of Trustee Minutes

Tuesday, February 21, 2017         9:00 am at Buffalo Wild Wings

Present: Sal Russo, Sr., Vince Pangle, Cheryl Davis, Camille Mumford, Jake Orosz, Don King, Alex Graves, Lee Cavender, Brian Anderson, Mary Dunbar, Kaye Lowe

Sal Russo made introductions and thanked Alex Graves for hosting the meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Secretary Report:

Lee Cavender asked those present to approve the December 8th report.   Mary Dunbar motioned to accept. Sal Russo seconded.

Treasury Report:

Kaye Lowe gave the report for Brendan Ring. As of February 16th the balance is $63,721.40. Lee Cavender motioned to approve the report. Cheryl Davis seconded. Motion carried.

City of Cleveland Heights Report:

Brian Anderson reported for the city.

  • The City is in the process of negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding with Fairmount Properties, to be followed by a more specific Development Agreement for the Top of the Hill.
  • The city has saved on snow removal and salt costs this year.
  • A group is investigating how to manage Severance Center.
  • There will be a public hearing to determine if food trucks should be allowed in the city. The city is cognizant of individual business’ and citizen’s interest.
  • The final version of the Master Plan is being completed.
  • City is making a decision on how to accommodate medical marijuana. There will be 40 dispensaries in the state and 20 production areas. Applications are being taken by the state for 2018 for dispensaries and production permits.

Old Business:

Because of conflicts in the city and surrounding area, the date for Summer Festival & Arts and Crafts Show was changed to Sunday, August 20th. Discussion followed. Sal favored skipping a major celebration this year. Kaye will check to determine if the Cuyahoga Arts and Culture (CAC) grant can be extended to 2018.


Update on Parking:

Sal Russo, Sr., Vince Pangle, Brendan Ring, Lee Cavender, and Kaye Lowe met with City Manager, Tanisha Briley on January 10th concerning the need for more parking in the area of The Fairmount, Barrio, and BB3. There is concern for tenants parking in the Heights Medical Building and BB3 Block.   Discussion of building another public garage, adding a deck to the existing garage, adding more meters and using an empty lot on Grandview for parking were held. The group felt the city’s perspective was that Cedar Fairmount doesn’t have a big parking problem. They are preoccupied with installing a new parking system with an electronic payment option. The City agreed to have free parking for Saturday and Sunday during construction.

Jeff Orosz suggested painting directional lines in parking lots and making more metered parking spots along Grandview and Fairmount Blvd. Adding more parking signage would also help.

One Book, One School:

Kaye reported the program was a great success with children, parents, teachers, and other school employees reading Kenny and the Dragon. Children had a scavenger hunt looking for a small dragon or knight in various Cedar Fairmount businesses in hopes of getting a prize. Cedar Fairmount merchants donated prizes. Buffalo Wild Wings had a fund raising dinner at the end of the Scavenger Hunt. The event raised considerable funds for the Roxboro Elementary PTA, which sponsored the One Book, One School program. Cedar Fairmount’s participation connected us with the Roxboro School community.

Alicia Maratta Linihan Memorial Donation:

Cedar Fairmount had an acknowledgement letter thanking Cedar Fairmount for its $500.00 donation to the fund for the education of Linihan’s children.

New Business:

Budget for 2017:

Decision on the budget was postponed because it might need to be reworked, given the possibility of losing CAC Grant Funds of $4,000.00.


Valet parking possibilities were discussed. Alex Graves said his management team had looked into valet parking and dropped the issue. Jake Orosz volunteered to look into it and make a recommendation.

Phone Bill:

Kaye reported the AT& T phone bill has gone from $49.00 a month in 2015 to $101.00 a month in 2017. The board authorized her to look into other options.

Lee Cavender motioned to adjourn the meeting. Vince Pangle seconded.

Next Meeting April 18th at The Fairmount at 9 am. (Note date change from April 11th)

Recorder: Kaye Lowe

Cedar Fairmount Special Meeting

Title: Cedar Fairmount Special Meeting
Location: Nighttown – 12387 Cedar Road Cleveland Heights, OH 44106
Link out: Click here
Tuesday, April 4th 2017
Nighttown – 9:00 am

East Ohio Gas has asked for a meeting to explain
the replacements of the gas lines at Cedar Fairmount.
They will discuss the scope of the project and how it will affect the road lanes and sidewalk.

Representatives from the City of Cleveland Heights, East Ohio Gas Company and Cedar Fairmount Trustees will be present to explain the gas line project and answer your questions.

Please plan to attend.

Kaye Lowe
Executive Director
Cedar Fairmount SID

Start Time: 09;00 AM
Date: 2017-04-04



Ten Thousand Villages
Ten Thousand Villages in Cleveland Heights Announces Store Closing

It is with great sadness that we announce that Ten Thousand Villages in Cleveland Heights will be closing its doors this April. Ten Thousand Villages has been a vibrant part of the Cleveland community for over 14 years, and the decision to close was not an easy one.  Due to challenges navigating both the non-profit and retail markets of Cleveland, combined with lower than anticipated annual sales and the upcoming Cedar Fairmount Streetscape project, our Board of Directors has made the tough decision to close the store.

Beginning on April 4th we will have our entire store’s inventory discounted at 30% Off. We hope you will join us in supporting our artisans one last month and find special gifts for your friends and family. We will also have retail fixtures and furniture for sale.

Even though Ten Thousand Villages in Cleveland Heights is closing, we encourage you to shop fair trade in your community at stores such as One World Shop in Rocky River, groups within the Ohio Fair Trade Network and on our national website attenthousandvillages.com.

Thank you to all of you who have shopped and supported Ten Thousand Villages inCleveland Heights for the past 14 years! We are humbled and grateful for your patronage throughout our time in the CLEVELAND!

-Laura & Lorie, Volunteers, Staff & Board of Directors, Ten Thousand Villages Cleveland

Reading and Signing by Author, Kathy Ewing

Title: Reading and Signing by Author, Kathy Ewing
Location: Appletree Books 12419 Cedar Road Cleveland Heights, Oh 44106
Link out: Click here
Description: Reading and Signing:
Kathy Ewing

Thursday, March 23, 6-8pm
Presentation begins at 7 pm

Kathy Ewing
reads from and signs copies of her recent memoir,
Missing: Come to Terms with
a Borderline Mother
(Red Giant Books)
Kathy Ewing knows what it’s like to be raised by someone variously sullen, pleasant, angry, demanding, manipulative, engaging, and all the rest-sometimes changing from one mood to the next in a single conversation. In this personal memoir she writes of her memories from my childhood, in rough chronology, showing her mother’s troubling behavior -the behavior that mystified her until she found a name for it, until she could put it in the context of Borderline Personality Disorder. The memoir shows how the diagnosis, the wrestling with her history, and the very writing of it have provided some comfort, if not healing.
Kathy Ewing has lived in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, for thirty four years. She teaches Latin at Cleveland State University and has led a yearly SAGES seminar on alternative education at Case Western Reserve University. Her writing has been published widely—in, for example, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Northern Ohio Live, The Cleveland Edition, Cleveland Magazine, Case Magazine, John Carroll Magazine, Growing Without Schooling, The Bark, and The Book Group Book, among others. She frequently reviews books for the Plain Dealer and wrote a weekly book column for The Cleveland Edition. She has interviewed and profiled such writers as Alix Kates Shulman, Jonathan Kozol, and Tony Hiss. Her fiction has appeared at fullofcrow.com and her poetry in The Delinquent #15.

Start Time: 06:00 pm
Date: 2017-03-23
End Time: 08:00 pm

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