Top of the Hill Community Meeting on September 19

Top of the Hill Community Meeting on September 19

Top of the Hill Project Community Meeting on September 19
Join the City of Cleveland Heights and development partner Flaherty & Collins Properties for a public meeting to update the community, answer questions and receive input on this development project.
The meeting will be held on:
Tuesday, September 19 at 7:00 pm at the Cleveland Heights Community Center (1 Monticello Boulevard – at Mayfield Road).
The Top of the Hill project, located atop Cedar Hill (intersection of Euclid Heights Blvd. & Cedar Road) is one of the City’s most important development initiatives.  Community engagement is a key element for a successful project and input from citizens will be a vital ingredient in the final development agreement.
Those interested in this important project are encouraged and welcome to attend.
For more information, visit You may also direct questions to Tim Boland, Economic Development Director at (216) 291-4857 or
Heights Music Hop at Cedar Fairmount Friday, September 8th

Heights Music Hop at Cedar Fairmount Friday, September 8th

The 2018 Heights Music Hop is being held in three Cleveland Heights Business Districts this year:  Coventry on Thursday, September 7, Cedar Fairmount on Friday, September 8th, and Cedar Lee on Saturday, September 9th.  Check out www.heightsmusichop for details.

Cedar Fairmount is under streetscape construction, but all venues will be accessible.  New sidewalks are in on the south side of Fairmount Boulevard and Cedar Road.  Free parking is available in the municpal lots and garage.  It will be a fun evening with many of the venues offering free refreshments.

Venues include:  Appletree Books featuring Cuguga at 6:30 and Cleveland Revolution at 7 pm..  Pavilion Home & Floral  features M. Moody at 7 pm and By Light We Loom at 8:30 pm.   Luna Bakery Cafe will host Tim McDonald’s Move at 6 pm and The Jacob Wynne Ensemble at 7:30 pm.  Cleveland Heights Church has Joshua Stouffer at 7 pm and Vio’s Project at 9 pm.   The Fairmount has 3 groups.  Saint Light at 6:30 pm, Hamilton Handshake at 9:30 pm, followed by Old Boys at 10:30 pm.   Cedar Fairmount Business District Streetscape may not be complete, but there should be no problem walking between events. .  The venues offer a variety of music, so plan to hop in hop out on Friday, September 8th for a a fun time!

By Light We Loom at Pavilion Home & Floral at 8:30 pm

Cuyuga at Appletree Books at 6:30 pm

City Limits at Nighttown at 8 pm

Vio’s Project 9 pm Cleveland Heights Church

Hamilton Handshake and Garden Tour at the Fairmount at 9:30 pm


Heights Heritage Home and Garden Tour

Heights Heritage Home and Garden Tour

Appletree Books September store window this month features the
40th Annual Heights Heritage
Home and Garden Tour,

sponsored by
Heights Community Congress.Featured homes on the tour this year exemplify the diversity of Cleveland Heights.  Tour goers will visit an exotic Craftsman-style home with a contemporary kitchen; a traditional house highlighting the work of talented faux painters; an elegant, traditional home with quality antiques and adjoining garden; a contemporary bungalow with collected art and designed with disability accommodations; a newly renovated Forest Hills home; and an historic Rockefeller home.The preview party takes place on Saturday, September 23,
beginning at 6pm, at The Alcazar.   At 6:30 pm, you’ll board
Lolly the Trolley for a Sneak Peek Tour of homes on the tour.  You’ll
return to The Alcazar to enjoy an evening of music, dancing and entertainment, catered by The Fairmount.

The self-guided, individual tour of homes and gardens happens on Sunday, September 24 beginning at noon.  Take your time visiting homes and stop for refreshments at stately St. Paul’s Church on Fairmount Blvd. (Complimentary refreshments served from 2-4 pm)  Be one of the first to enjoy a look at the newly renovated Heights High School, with guided tours happening between 2-4 pm. Ticket information at 216 691-7373

The Patient’sQuestions & the Analyst’s Need for Privacy or Secrecy : Theoretical & Technical Aspects”

Title: The Patient’sQuestions & the Analyst’s Need for Privacy or Secrecy : Theoretical & Technical Aspects”
Location: Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center 2460 Fairmount Blvd. Suite 312
Description: Aisha Abbasi, M.D. of Michigan will lead the presentation. Free and open to the public.
Reception from 5 – 6:30 pm Presentation 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Start Time: 06:00 pm
Date: 2017-09-15
End Time: 08:00 pm



Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 – 9 am – Nighttown

  Sal Russo, Sr. president called the meeting to order.

Present, who signed in:  Rob Rivera, T. Nadas, Tom Boland, Dany Aoom, Chiarra Iannareija, Betsy Faeber, Richard Andrews, Michael Weil, Shayua Pentecost Srpglass, Can Nelson, Ed Alix, Barbara Zoss, Giovanni Maltese, Gary Hollo, Joe Kickel, Rob Woycitzky, Dan Monteiro, Lute Quintrell, Linda Catanzl, Isabel Kaston, Liz Bart, Claire Kohler, Lee Cavender, Brendan Ring, Sal Russo, Sr., Susanna Nierman ONeil, Tanisha Briley, Mary Dunbar, Krystle Steinbach, Jane Underwood, Claudia Fulton, John Schubert, Joel Langer, Fran Burk, Joanne Poderis, Joseph Ea, Loretta Feller, Ray Murphy, Karen Nestor, Patricia Harwood, Brian Anderson, Sal A. Russo, Vince Pangle, Tracie Franklin, Mikea Jones, Michelle Ross, Kaye Lowe, Mark & Terry McLeod, Kari Moore, Deron Kintner, Tom Kuluris, and Dru Siley.

Tim Boland, Cleveland Heights Economic Director, introduced Representatives of Flaherty & Collins Properties and Liberty Development Company.   He said, “Flaherty & Collins had been strong candidates to develop Top of the Hill.  When the City and Fairmount Group decided to mutually part ways, the city turned to Flaherty & Collins to move the project forward.” A letter of understanding has been finalized with the City of Cleveland Heights.  Next a Development Agreement will be completed, which tells how the project will move forward.  This will be finalized after the Community Meeting on September 19th.  Start date is projected for 2018.

Deron Kintner, General Counsel for Flaherty & Collins Properties, said the Indianapolis, Indiana Company, has been in business for 25 years. They have done multiple projects in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Chicago.  The Top of the Hill Project will enhance the Cedar Fairmount District.  The company has a focus on urban, luxury, and multi-family apartments.  They use public/private partnerships.  Rarely do they come into a community that has what Cleveland Heights has to offer.  They are here to deliver what the community wants. Under consideration are a boutique hotel, retail space, offices, luxury apartments, condominiums, and a 600 unit-parking garage.

  • The topography of the land across Cedar Road is a challenge.  The focus will be on the Top of the Hill property.
  • Flaherty & Collins does not plan to purchase other buildings adjourning the site.
  • The architecture of the project will pay homage to the area, if that is what is desired, or more modern if that is wanted.
  • Circulation of traffic is important; the project will try not to make traffic congestion worse.
  • The project will add density and new residents to the community.
  • The project will assist district in getting better.
  • It will be functional and pedestrian friendly.  There will be bike storage and a bike wash in the building.
  • There will be a public meeting on Thursday, September 19th at The Community Center to discuss the project and get input from community members.  The public is encouraged to attend.
  • Tom Kuluris, President & CEO, and Dru Siley, Development Director, of Westlake, Ohio’s Liberty Development Company will be the Cleveland connection for the Top of the Hill Project.  They emphasized the importance of community engagement in the project.  Questions from the audience were addressed with these answers:                                                                                                                                               The community drives the project
  • The project should fit into the neighborhood.
  • They look at what is around in determining retail and offices.
  • Diversified housing stock is considered.
  • It will be a sustainable project.
  • Parking is a major concern.
  • The garage will accommodate parking on site, plus extra for the district.
  • Tanisha Briley, Cleveland Heights City Manger, said a traffic study would be done.
  • Average cost of new residences Flaherty builds is $100,000.  2/3’s are filled with millennials, 1/3 empty nesters.
  • Average footage for a one-bedroom apartment is 700-800 square feet.  Cost of a one bedroom apartment is $1,600-$1,800 a month.
  • A key consideration is that the Cedar Fairmount area has walkability.  Condos are being considered, but are tough to finance.
  • There is no tax abatement now, but tax increment financing will occur.

Sal Russo, Sr. thanked Deron, Tom, and Dru for their time and frankness.  Those wishing further discussion retired to the outdoor patio.

Update on Construction in the District:  Perk Construction: Dan Monteiro and Joe Kickel reported  the last phase of Cedar Road – replacing curbs and aprons between Fairmount and Harcourt – is being completed.  Sidewalks on the south side of Cedar Fairmount will be completed by the end of August.  The project is moving along.  It was discussed that the property owners needed to coordinate the installation of the electric lines to the trees with Perk Construction. Property owners will need to obtain their own electricians and pay separately for the conduits. They will need to co-ordinate the work with Perk Construction.The construction plans do not call for the replacement of entrances to the individual buildings.  If individual property owners want the entrances to match the new sidewalks, they will need to contact Perk to arrange for the work. Kaye Lowe thanked Dan and Joe for their cooperation and updates.

Secretary Report:  Lee reviewed the August Minutes of the Trustee Meeting.   Sal Russo Sr. motioned to accept.  Mary Dunbar seconded.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Brendan Ring reported Cedar Fairmount received the second half of 2017 assessments of $28,237.50.  $5,000 was removed prior to receiving the assessment check to pay towards Cedar Fairmount SID’s  $100,000 loan with the City of Cleveland Heights for the Streetscape Improvements .  The checking account balance is $61,734.75. Brendan mentioned the property owners assessing themselves an additional tax ($66,475.00 a year) has enabled Cedar Fairmount to maintain, improve, and market the special improvement district.  Lee Cavender motioned the treasure’s report be approved.  Mary Dunbar seconded.  Motion carried.

City of Cleveland Heights:  Mary Dunbar reported the city council has been busy working on forming a Charter Review Committee, determining Community Development Block Grants, and other Committee work.

Updates:  Cleveland Heights Church has had an exterior design by Blachford Architects approved by the architectural board.   Rex Beck will present the design at the October meeting.  It is a style similar to the Heights Center Building.

Kaye reported that the historical signage design discussed at the July meeting was fabricated in Willoughby, OH.  The cost of imprinting the glass would be $5,000.00 each.  Discussion followed.  A committee was formed with members including Michael Weil, Richard Andrews, and Sal A. Russo.  Anyone interested in participating should contact Kaye.

The Fall Festival (combination of Summer & Fall/Halloween event) is on Sunday, October 22nd.  The late date in the year has caused a lack of arts and craft purveyors.  Letters have been sent to individuals and businesses requesting donations to match the CAC $4,000 grant.  Kaye has not received the pledges from several property owners. A Holiday Arts & Craft Show is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 2 at the Alcazar.  Vendors and Artists are being sought.

Liquid Planet has been closed through construction.  Their widow sign implies the entire block is closed.  Lee Cavender has contacted Liquid Planet management to take the sign down.

New Business:  Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Grant Application for 2018 is due August 27th.  Kaye was told to apply for the 2018 grant.

Other:  We are still trying to learn how expensive it would be to run water to the traffic island garden.  Susanna will get us contact information for Cleveland Water.

Sal A. Russo asked to contact RTA to investigate what it would take to improve the RTA Bus Stop at Grandview and Cedar Rd.

Music Hop is on September 7th, Coventry; September 8th, Cedar Fairmount; and September 9th, Cedar Lee.  Participating vendors for Cedar Fairmount are Appletree Books, Pavilion Home & Floral, Luna Bakery Café, Nighttown, The Fairmount, and Cleveland Heights Church.  It is from 6–10 pm with an additional act at the Fairmount at 10 pm.

Upcoming Dates:

Music Hop at Cedar Fairmount, September 8th, 6–10 pm and later

Top of the Hill Community Meeting – Thursday, September 19th at the     Cleveland Heights Community Center, 7 pm.

Cedar Fairmount Fall Family Festival – Sunday, Oct. 22, 12 noon–5 pm.

Cedar Fairmount Small Business Saturday, Nov. 25th, 10 am–5 pm.

Cedar Fairmount Holiday Mart – Saturday, Dec. 2, 9 am-4 pm.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, October 10th at Buffalo Wild Wings, 9 am.


Recorder:  Kaye Lowe

Top of the Hill Community Meeting

Title: Top of the Hill Community Meeting
Location: Cleveland Heights Community Recreation Center
Description: A community meeting will be held at the Cleveland Heights Community Center on Tuesday, September 19th at 7 pm. to receive citizen’s ideas for the Top of the Hill Development at Cedar Fairmount with Flaherty & Collins and Liberty Develpment Company.
Start Time: 07:00 pm
Date: 2017-09-19

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