Free Parking For Thanksgiving Weekend

The City of Cleveland Heights has announced that the weekend following Thanksgiving (Friday, Nov. 25, through Sunday, Nov. 27) will be a free parking weekend in honor of Small Business Saturday and the start of the holiday shopping season. Free parking will be offered at metered (not permit) spots on the city’s streets and in city parking lots and garages.  Cedar Fairmount merchants have filled their stores with distinctive gifts for your holiday giving.  Start by visiting a local merchant on Small Business Saturday, November  26th.  Check out the custom jewelry at Wanderlust Jewelers, books and gifts at Appletree Books, vintage and contemporary tabletop designs at Pavilion Home & Floral, handcrafted items from around the world at Ten Thousand Villages, English Antiques and vintage jewelry at Cedar Fairmount Antiques, new phones from AT&T, gift certificates from our hair salons and restaurants, and so much more.   Cedar Fairmount restaurants are great places for a meal or just a respite from your holiday shopping.

Secret Tea Society Introductory Salon: Tea and Makers at the Pavilion Home & Floral

Secret Tea Society Introductory Salon: Tea and Makers at the Pavilion Home & Floral

Please be our guest at Pavilion Home and Floral for a wonderful, first introduction to the Secret Tea Society salon experience on Thursday, November 17th from 7:00-8:30pm at our store at 12433 Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights, Ohio  Enjoy the evening with others who are new and curious about gathering, occasionally or regularly, to share tea and conveersation with smart, savvy ladies just like you.   For all smart, savvy Ladies and Gentlemen new to Secret Tea Society- No dues, please attend and bring a guest.
Reservation required, please email your reservation

Cedarwood Plaza Received Deficiency Free Health Survey

Yuvette Bozman, LHNA reported the Cedarwood Plaza, (216-371-3600 ),home for 115 residents, received the report from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) for being in complete compliance with federal and state requirements on its annual survey in October, 2016.. During the survey a team of professional reviewers from ODH check nursing care and services, dietary services, records, administration and every other aspect of providing care and housing to skilled nursing care residents in Ohio.

“Deficiency free surveys reflect significant efforts of facility staff and administration, and demonstrate a commitment to continued quality care,” said Tim Chesney, President of the Ohio Health Care Association.  “The success of a facility in achieving this goal reflects well on the long-term care community across the state, and is an achievement for which administrators and their staff can take great pride and satisfaction,” he added.

Cedarwood Plaza is located at 12504 Cedar Rd, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.   The Ohio Health Care Association is a non-profit association of more than 800 skilled nursing facilities, assisted living residences, and facilities for people with intellectual disabilities, representing 70,000 individuals. It is the largest long-term care association in the state, and the only chartered Ohio affiliate of the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living, representing more than 12,000 long-term care facilities nationwide.

Cedarwood Plaza has been a part of the Cedar Fairmount area for many years and supports the Cedar Fairmount SID activities.  Congratulations to their staff.


CEDAR FAIRMOUNT ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES     Nighttown, Tuesday, October 11, 2016 –   9:00 am

Introductions were made and the meeting called to order by Sal Russo, Sr., President.

Present were: Brian Anderson, Tim Boland, Susanna Nierman O’Neil, Mary Dunbar from  the City of Cleveland Heights; Rex Beck, Cleveland Heights Church; Mary Pat Jolivette, Clare Taft from the Roxboro PTA; Don King, Buckingham Condominiums; Patricia Harwood, Howard Hanna Realty; Sal Russo Sr. , Cedar Grandview Building; Lee Cavender, Heights Center Building; Jack Valancy, Valancy Consulting; Cheryl Davis, Fifth Third Bank; Brendan Ring, Nighttown Restaurant; Kaye Lowe, Executive Director.

Lee Cavender, Secretary, presented the Minutes of the September Board of Trustees meeting.

Sal Russo, Sr., moved to accept the minutes.  Cheryl Davis seconded.  Motion carried.

Treasurer, Brendan Ring presented the Treasury Report from September 1 – October 7, 2016.  We had income of $896.36.  Expenses were $10,078.75.  The balance as of October 7th is $52,556.90. Lee Cavender moved the report be accepted.  Mary Dunbar seconded.  Motion carried.

Year in Review:  Sal Russo reviewed the past year complementing Kaye Lowe, Executive Director, on her leadership of the Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District.   Sal highlighted many successes for the past year, including the Summer Festival, Music Hop, Summer Concerts on the Green, Halloween Fall Festival, Landscape and Snow Removal Maintenance, CAC Grant Funding, Website Updates, finalizing of the 2017 Streetscape Plan and the potential for the development of the Top of The Hill.


2016 Streetscape Plan:  Susanna Nierman O’Neil and Mary Dunbar reported the City of Cleveland has not signed off on the bike trail.  If it doesn’t happen soon, the City of Cleveland Heights will remove that section from the Streetscape Plan so the rest of the Streetscape Plan can be put out to bids soon.  The bike trail can be dealt with later, if need be.

Passport Parking App:  Susanna reported the program is in place in all city garages.  Cedar Fairmount’s garage has the most supporters due to Howard Hanna Realty and KW Realtors getting behind the program.  In January the municipal lots will be included. Postcards with information have been distributed throughout the city.

Top of the Hill:  City staff and City Council are working to finalize an arrangement with Flaherty & Collins or The Fairmount Group to develop a proposal for the site.  Both have excellent qualifications.  Once the developer is decided, there will be community and neighborhood meetings to develop a conceptual plan for Top of The Hill.

Green Building Incentive Program:  Tim Boland and Brian Anderson discussed a potential $50,000 grant to be used to assist businesses and building owners who put into effect green practices (solar panels, roofing, water systems, etc.).  They were looking for interest to see if they should apply for the $50,000 grant.   Several business and building owners had ideas of how they could use funds from the grant.

One Book, One School:  Clare Taft and Mary Pat Jolivette discussed a reading program involving the entire Roxboro Elementary School.  Clare told us that, “One School, One Book is going to be an amazing literacy program at Roxboro, kicking off Jan. 23 – Feb. 9th.  Every child, teacher and staff member in the school will be reading the same book, Kenny and the Dragon. We will have a variety of activities and programs, diving deep into the book and its themes, encouraging literacy and involving families. It’s a very exciting program.”

One very important part of One School, One Book is community engagement.  The Roxel PTA would like to engage the Cedar Fairmount merchants through a scavenger hunt.  The PTA would work with merchants to hide scavenger hunt items in their businesses, which the children and their families would go on the “hunt” during the One School, One Book campaign. They also would like to have a “Rox Eats” night during the campaign, and encourage “hunting” on that evening.  The PTA would like small prizes from merchants and wants to place posters in their windows and scavenger pieces in the stores.  The PTA will supply posters, scavenger items and other marketing materials.  The scavenger hunt may include a passport program, where merchants would stamp children’s booklets as they discover clues.  Sal Russo, Sr., motioned for CFSID to support the scavenger hunt.  Lee Cavender seconded.  Motion carried.

Music Hop:  Kaye thanked Patty Harwood and Howard Hanna Realty for providing the Music Hop Headquarters location for volunteers to check in and out.   She thanked Appletree Books, Luna Bakery Café, Pavilion Home and Floral, Cleveland Heights Church, The Fairmount, and Nighttown for participating as vendors and music locations.   Approximately 1,500 people attended.  She mentioned how the church had a free buffet table of desserts for their guests.  Apple Tree Books and Pavilion Home and Floral offered free beverages and cheeses.  Rex Beck and Brendan Ring spoke of their participation.  Cedar Fairmount SID would consider being a sponsor of the Music Hop in 2017.

Old Business:  Halloween/Fall Festival is Wednesday, October 19, 2016, from 5 – 7 pm.  Kaye thanked City Architecture, Kiefer Realty Group, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Osborn Engineering for sponsoring the event.  Besides Trick or Treating, there will be Whipples the Balloon Clown, Musical Mark singing “batty songs”, and Argos K-9 with a City of Cleveland Heights table.  Stores and restaurants have been asked to offer specials the evening of October 19th.  Postcards have been delivered to Roxboro Elementary students to take home in their back packs, posters have been distributed throughout Cleveland Heights, and a banner is on the traffic island.

 Snow Removal Contract:  Per the September Trustee meeting Kaye requested Mike Supler of New Vista Enterprise gives us a three-year contract with a reduced rate.  Mr. Supler said, “I have not increased the per shovel rate since the contract originated and cannot decrease it for any long-term contract.”  Kaye canvassed the trustees, who instructed her to have Mr. Axelrod sign and mail the previously presented contact for $7,500.00 plus the cost of salt application and the bags of salt.

New Business:  There was no new business at this time.


  • Cedar Fairmount Networking Event at the Fairmount, Thursday, October 13, 2016, 5-7 pm
  • Halloween Fall Festival, Wednesday, December 19th from 5-7 pm
  • Small Business Saturday, Saturday, November 26th
  • Pop In Pop Out Holiday Event, Thursday, December 8th from 5-8 pm (Appletree Books, Ten Thousand Villages, Pavilion Home & Floral)

Next Trustee Meeting:   Tuesday, December 13, at Nighttown at 9 am.

 Recorder:  Kaye Lowe, Executive Director, Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District


Wes Airgood, jewelry designer has announced Wanderlust  Jewelers will be hosting an open house on Thursday, November 17th from 5 pm – 9 pm.  They will show works of Brandon Holschuh, Mark Hartung, Sarah Krisher Studio, and Erica Montejo of Tiny Erica.  There will be a selection of Wanderlust Jewelers own gemstone and diamond accessories in their newly remodeled show room.  Enku Connections will be joining them with ethically sourced loose gemstones from Ethiopia.     The holidays are fast approaching.  The Open House is an opportunity to find that special gift for a loved one.The Open House is open to the public, Waderlust Jewelers is located above Starbucks in the Heights Center Building at 1249 Cedar Road Suite 25.  



Construction at Appletree Books is Complete!

Appletree Books  new space is finished and open for business!  Check out their expanded children’s section and more prominent space for some of your other favorite book sections.  Pick out your favorite image or bit of text on our completed book-page wall.
View the cardboard paper-on-paper constructions and sculpture of Cleveland Heights artist Hilton Murray,
on display (and available for sale) through November 28. You are invited to sit and read in Appletree Books new seating area.

The month of November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and Appletree Books is celebrating NaNoWriMo in a unique way.  They have  invited writers in the Greater Cleveland area to sign up to come write in Appletree’s front windows throughout the month.  The  response has been tremendous!
Depending on the day and hour, you will see writers of many formats and genres and of all ages.  Our artists of the month, these Writers in the Window, are published and unpublished, professionals, aspirants, and devoted amateurs, and include novelists, journalists, short story writers, comics creators, poets, playwrights, and students, from doctoral candidates to middle schoolers.

You are invited to visit Appletree in November and help celebrate these talented writers of the month!

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