Cedar Fairmount Streetscape Construction Near Completion

The Cedar Road Resurfacing/Cedar-Fairmount Streetscape project is nearing completion. Street resurfacing (along with the construction of the multi-use path along Cedar-Glen Parkway) is complete on Cedar Road. Most of the sidewalks have been poured, and the landscaping contractor responsible for installing the brick pavers is tentatively scheduled to begin the installation sometime next week. All of the trees and landscaping have been completed, and the contractor has begun with the installation of the benches, bike racks, and garbage cans. Work is wrapping up on the south end of the streetscape on Fairmount near Luna Bakery where the contractor is constructing a retaining wall and a patio seating area. All work is tentatively scheduled to be completed by October 31st.

The Cedar Fairmount Fall Family Festival on October 22nd will be held from noon to 5 pm.  Most activities and arts and craft exhibits will be in the parking lot behind the Heights Medical Center at 2460 Fairmount Rd.   Trick or Treat will be at the Cedar Fairmount Merchants and exhibitors.  Super Heroes, Princesses, and other activites will be on the sidewalks and at Appletree Books and Aladdin’s restaurant.  The Euclid Beach Rocket Car will load and unload in the Firestone Lot.


Cedar Road Resurfacing and Cedar Fairmount Streetscape Update 


The nearly $4.0 million Cedar Road resurfacing/Cedar-Fairmount streetscape is nearing completion. The first part of the project involved the resurfacing of almost 2.2 miles of Cedar Road from Taylor Road to Euclid Heights Boulevard, along with ADA compliance upgrades. The second part of the project involves a streetscape within the Cedar-Fairmount business district involving new sidewalks constructed of concrete and decorative brick pavers, new landscaping, new benches, bike racks, trash receptacles, and above ground planters. Also included in part two of the project is the multi-purpose path (a mixed use pedestrian and bicycle path) that is being constructed along the south side of Cedar Glen Parkway from Cedar Road down to Ambleside Drive in Cleveland.

The project is now in the final phase of construction with resurfacing operations occurring from Norfolk Road west to Euclid Heights Boulevard, and sidewalk construction occurring on the north side of Cedar between Norfolk and Nightown (just west of Lennox Road).

The project is being primarily funded with Federal Surface Transportation Block Grant, and Transportation Alternatives Funds with additional funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District is also contributing dollars to the Streetscape Renovation portion of the project. The project has been on schedule with the completion date set at October 30th.

August Streetscape Update

Perk Construction is removing the sidewalks in front of Cedar Grandview Building (Dave’s and Top Hat Cleaners) and Height Medical Building (The Fairmount to Luna Bakery Cafe) Plywood has been placed  as temporary sidewalks for walkers. There is parking behind Heights Medical and Dave’s for their customers.  You can also use back or side entrances off the parking lot for Dave’s, The Fairmount, Businesses in the Arcade, and  Professionals in these buildings . All businesses on the South Side of Cedar Fairmount are open for business.

All  businesses and professionals on the north side of Cedar Fairmount in the Heights Center Building, except for Liquid Planet are open. Liquid Planet has been temporarily closed due to construction.    You can access from the front or back doors, Starbucks, Appletree Books, Vero, Reflections, The Pavilion Home & Floral, Cedar Fairmount Antiques, and Howard Hanna Realty.  Parking is available in the Municipal Garage behind these businesses. Professionals can be accessed from the upper parking deck entrance front, or  side entrances to the Heights Center Building.   See map on the Cedar Fairmount website, www.cedarfairmount.org  for other available public and private parking areas.

Other businesses along the north and south side of  Cedar Road: Buffalo Wild Wings, Aladdins, KW Realtors, AT& T, Brueggars Bagels,  Firestone, Sunoco, Chase Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Zoss, The Swiss Baker, Cl Barber Salon, and Nighttown are open.  They  have parking lots behind or adjacent to their businesses.

Thank you for your patience during the renovation of Cedar Fairmount Business District, and supporting the businesses. 



The natural gas pipeline replacement project through Dominion Gas has been completed. Now construction will begin on the Cedar Fairmount Streetscape Project and the resurfacing of Cedar Road in the Cedar Fairmount Business District.
The almost $4 Million Cedar Road Resurfacing/Cedar-Fairmount Streetscape was awarded to Perk Company, Inc. The project consists of Road Resurfacing and new ADA Compliant Curb Ramps from South Taylor Road to Euclid Heights Boulevard; along with a Streetscape consisting of new trees, sidewalks, and sidewalk amenities from Fairmount Boulevard down to Euclid Heights Boulevard. A multi-use pedestrian and bicycle path is to being constructed along Cedar Glen Parkway from Euclid Heights Boulevard to Ambleside Drive in Cleveland. The project is projected to be complete the end of October.
This project is being funded through the Federal Highway Administration, the Ohio Public Works Commission, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Cedar Road will be down to two lanes. Construction will begin on the south side of the district and then move to the north side.
Cedar Fairmount Businesses remain open. Access to businesses in the Heights Center Building can be made from the front and back doors. Signage for parking is visible throughout the district. There is public parking in the City Garage accessed from Lennox and Surrey Road, behind Firestone Tire, Nighttown Restaurant, on Grandview north of the houses, and the lot at the corner of Lennox and Euclid Heights Blvd. Private parking for customers behind Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave’s Market, and Heights Medical Building is assessible. The Cedar Fairmount traditional festival will be a Fall Festival on Sunday, October 22nd from noon to 5 pm.

Public Notice OF Road Work Cedar Road Resurfacing Norfolk Rd. to Harcourt Dr.

On or about Friday July 14, 2017, weather permitting; Perk Company Inc. will implement a traffic pattern change on Cedar Road between Norfolk Rd. to Harcourt Drive. One lane eastbound and one westbound will be maintained on the North side of the roadway in each direction using the existing lanes.
Advanced warning signs will be placed prior to any work activity. Additional notices will be sent ahead of any changed conditions.
Thank You for your cooperation during this important public improvement project.


June 16, 2017 Construction Update

Traffic lanes that were temporarily closed  on June 15th from Grandview east on Fairmount Blvd. are now open.  Parking for Cedar Fairmount businesses are assesible..  There is parking behind Heights Medical Building on Fairmount, Dave’s Market for their customers, behind Buffalo Wild Wings, the lot behind Firestone Tire, Public Garage behind Heights Center Building and the lot behind Nighttown Restaurant.  Sidewalks are walkable.  Business continues as usual at Cedar Fairmount.  Parking is free Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Work is continuing on the multi-purpose path along Cedar-Glen Parkway. Perk is almost complete with the installation of the drainage structures, and is tentatively planning on laying stone for the path next week.

Casting adjustments and ADA ramps have been completed on the south side of the street from Westminster to Norfolk. The work zone will be flipping over to the north side of the street today, and pavement milling will commence on the North side next week.

Cedar Road Accelerated Pipeline Replacement PIR-2083

Red Dirt has installed the new mainline on the south side of the road from Harcourt up to Grandview. They recently discovered an existing water leak at Dave’s Supermarket which forced them to stop work temporarily. Cleveland Water came out to investigate the leak and determined that it is on the customer side of the shut-off going to Dave’s Supermarket.

Red Dirt has resumed work as of today, and has not experienced any major set-backs.

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