June 16, 2017 Construction Update

Traffic lanes that were temporarily closed  on June 15th from Grandview east on Fairmount Blvd. are now open.  Parking for Cedar Fairmount businesses are assesible..  There is parking behind Heights Medical Building on Fairmount, Dave’s Market for their customers, behind Buffalo Wild Wings, the lot behind Firestone Tire, Public Garage behind Heights Center Building and the lot behind Nighttown Restaurant.  Sidewalks are walkable.  Business continues as usual at Cedar Fairmount.  Parking is free Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Work is continuing on the multi-purpose path along Cedar-Glen Parkway. Perk is almost complete with the installation of the drainage structures, and is tentatively planning on laying stone for the path next week.

Casting adjustments and ADA ramps have been completed on the south side of the street from Westminster to Norfolk. The work zone will be flipping over to the north side of the street today, and pavement milling will commence on the North side next week.

Cedar Road Accelerated Pipeline Replacement PIR-2083

Red Dirt has installed the new mainline on the south side of the road from Harcourt up to Grandview. They recently discovered an existing water leak at Dave’s Supermarket which forced them to stop work temporarily. Cleveland Water came out to investigate the leak and determined that it is on the customer side of the shut-off going to Dave’s Supermarket.

Red Dirt has resumed work as of today, and has not experienced any major set-backs.

June 15th Update

The breaks in the water main outside of the Heights Medical Building are repaired.  One at Dave’s Market is being repaired presently.   Fairmount Boulevard is temporarily closed going east from Grandview.


May 23 Streetscape Update

May 23 Streetscape Update

The gas line construction is tentatively scheduled to be completed around the middle to end of June. They are just finishing up the north side of the street, and will be preparing to flip the entire operation to the south side of Cedar. East Ohio Gas has run into some set-backs, and so they won’t be able  to say with any certainty that they will be finished by a specific date, but a safe guess would be the middle to end of June.

As for the Streetscape, the City of Cleveland Heights  intends to have a meeting with the business owners as we get closer to the construction date for the streetscape. Currently based on the initial schedule that Perk submitted, they will be working within the area between Euclid Heights and Norfolk sometime around the middle of July. But that date can be sooner or later depending on if they run into any road blocks (i.e. weather, unforeseen conditions, etc.) or not, .A safe guess will be the beginning to middle of July (but this can be subject to change).

May 8th Cedar Fairmount Construction Update

The work zone has shifted to the North side of Cedar Road, and pavement milling has been completed. The paving company hit some trolley rails at the intersection of Hampstead and Cedar. The tracks were within the top three inches of pavement, and will have to be removed. The intersection of Hampstead and Cedar will be closed over the weekend for the removal of the rails and the repair of the road base. The weather has not been very cooperative, but the road should be opened by Monday assuming they can pour concrete.

Perk will also be releasing a public information notice about the closure of the north side of the intersection at Cottage Grove and Cedar for about a week for the reconstruction of the bus pad that goes through the intersection. Advance signs will be placed. There have been no major set-backs.

Weekend Valet Parking in Cedar Fairmount Business District

ASV Services, a premier valet provider in the Cleveland area, in conjunction with the Fairmount Wine Bar and Barrio Mexican Restaurant, has established valet parking starting at 6 pm on Friday and Saturdays. This will be a convenience for those who wish to visit ANY of Cedar Fairmount businesses and don’t wish to park themselves.  A drop off and pick up station is located outside the Heights Medical Building at 2460 Fairmount Blvd. (between Luna Bakery Cafe and Barrio).

East Ohio Gas is replacing gas lines dating back to the 1800’s. in the Cedar Fairmount Business District.  This has commenced and is predicted to take 8 weeks.  After the gas lines are replaced, the Cedar Fairmount SID’s 1.5 million dollar streetscape renovation plan will start.  The plans include new curbs, side walks, (expanded in some areas) removal of electric poles not being in use, new benches, bike racks, trash cans, trees, and more.  At this time sidewalks are NOT disrupted and access to stores is as usual.

The City of Cleveland Heights has granted free weekend parking  at Cedar Fairmount through October.  This means free parking in the public garage, lots and street meters Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Watch for updates at www.cedarfairmount.org under Streetscape 2017.


Members of the Cedar Fairmount Business Community received information from East Ohio Gas Officials and the City of Cleveland Heights concerning the replacement of the gas lines in the Cedar Fairmount Business District.

The replacements of the gas lines will take approximately 8 weeks and will commence, Friday, April 7th from 9 am to 4:45 pm. Monday through Friday.
Supplies and equipment will be brought into the district on Wednesday, April 5th.

The project will start on the north side of Cedar Road. Sidewalks will be torn, but access to businesses will be maintained. Pedestrians will be directed by traffic control as to where to walk and park. The businesses on the north side (Heights Center Block) have the public parking garage behind them. Where there is construction there will not be street parking. Public lots will be assessable. The businesses all have back doors that will be easily assessable to customers.

After the gas lines are replaced on the north side of Cedar Road, the south side of Cedar Road will start. As soon as excavation is complete it one section, it will be back plated and walkable.

Dominion East Ohio Gas personnel will be replacing inside meteors. They will have badges identifying them. A door hanger will be placed on businesses to alert them when to expect this transfer. At the time of transfer, gas will be cut off for 1 to 2 hours. Some meteors may not have to be replaced.  After the project is completed and the 100 year plus lines replaced, Dominion East Ohio takes ownership of what was previously the owner’s lines.

For information, phone Ohio Support Group at 1-800-544-5768. Information will be available on the Cleveland Heights City website and the Cedar Fairmount website.

The Cedar Fairmount Streetscape Project will start after the completion of the gas line installation. (July)

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