The Cedar Fairmount Business area is fortunate to have A.T. (Teddy) Wilson delivering mail to businesses and professionals in their district.  He is the longest active letter carrier at age 80.  e HHe was honored by the US Postal Service on Friday, November 17th as being the longest existing carrier in the United States.  He was presented with a 60 year pin and a table clock inscribed, “Thank You for Your 60 Years of Service”.  His fellow worker had a buffet and reception for Teddy.  Over 200 people honored him, including current, former postal employees and managers..  Les Wolf, his present manager asked him how many managers he had. Teddy replied, I don’t know, but now you are number 1”.

Teddy’s tireless effort, attention to details (no one gets the wrong mail), and cheerfulness brightens everyone’s days.  He has delivered mail in Cleveland Heights since 1980, but has a much longer history with the postal service.

After graduating from high school at the age of 18, his father advised him to get a job working as a postal worker.  Teddy, he said, “The US Postal Service pays well, there will not be layoffs, you will be doing a service, and there is decent retirement.”  Now, Teddy, says he appreciated the Lord allowing him to be healthy and work daily.  He has no plans to retire.

Teddy started out as a “cub” working inside sorting mail, then as a clerk, and finally as a postal carrier.   He has delivered mail in Shaker Heights, Bratenahl, and Cleveland Heights.   Many times he has been offered management positions, but has refused.  He did not wish to be involved with the politics that come into play as a manager.

Teddy, says the best part of his job is relating to people and those he serves. He is genuinely concerned for those he delivers mail to.  He related how one time he found 2 days of mail at a house on Grandview.  He knew an elderly woman lived alone in the house.  He looked in the window and saw her lying on the floor.   His quick response for help brought her medical attention.  As he says, “I look out for my people”.  “Once you decide you are a server, you look for opportunities to help. “  Les Wolf, his manager said, “He is committed and dedicated and deserves all the recognition and respect he gets”.

Teddy is active in the, National Association of Letter Carriers, (NALC), and passionate about protecting letter carriers and their contract.

Teddy is married to Ardeila and has two daughters, Paula and Angela.  He says one is blessed to have daughters, as girls always love Daddy.

Cedar Fairmount and Cleveland Heights is fortunate to have Teddy Wilson as its mail carrier and in our lives.  At 80 he definitely as an extraordinary letter carrier!


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