Perk Construction is removing the sidewalks in front of Cedar Grandview Building (Dave’s and Top Hat Cleaners) and Height Medical Building (The Fairmount to Luna Bakery Cafe) Plywood has been placed  as temporary sidewalks for walkers. There is parking behind Heights Medical and Dave’s for their customers.  You can also use back or side entrances off the parking lot for Dave’s, The Fairmount, Businesses in the Arcade, and  Professionals in these buildings . All businesses on the South Side of Cedar Fairmount are open for business.

All  businesses and professionals on the north side of Cedar Fairmount in the Heights Center Building, except for Liquid Planet are open. Liquid Planet has been temporarily closed due to construction.    You can access from the front or back doors, Starbucks, Appletree Books, Vero, Reflections, The Pavilion Home & Floral, Cedar Fairmount Antiques, and Howard Hanna Realty.  Parking is available in the Municipal Garage behind these businesses. Professionals can be accessed from the upper parking deck entrance front, or  side entrances to the Heights Center Building.   See map on the Cedar Fairmount website,  for other available public and private parking areas.

Other businesses along the north and south side of  Cedar Road: Buffalo Wild Wings, Aladdins, KW Realtors, AT& T, Brueggars Bagels,  Firestone, Sunoco, Chase Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Zoss, The Swiss Baker, Cl Barber Salon, and Nighttown are open.  They  have parking lots behind or adjacent to their businesses.

Thank you for your patience during the renovation of Cedar Fairmount Business District, and supporting the businesses. 


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