By Jeff Piorkowski, special to Sun News
on November 13, 2015 at 4:44 PM, updated November 13, 2015 at 4:53 PM
Bonnie Teeuwen, representing Osborn Engineering, the project’s engineering firm, told those assembled that the Ohio Department of Transportation is delaying, from the expected September 2016, to 2017, the repaving work it will fund for Cedar Road. ODOT is dispersing NOACA funds for the repaving job. Since the repaving will include the Cedar Fairmount District, it must be completed before the streetscape work can begin. “ODOT is tying the two projects together for efficiency sake,” Teeuwen said. “They were going to bid the job in July 2016, but it’s difficult to bid a job in the summer. So, instead, they’re moving the bidding to spring, 2017.

NOACA is paying for 80 percent of the $3.3-million repaving job, while Cleveland Heights will get another $636,000 to pay for the work from Ohio’s District One Public Works Integrating Committee.

Meanwhile, NOACA, through ODOT, is funding the Cedar Fairmount Streetscape Plan in the amount of $1.5 million, with the city of Cleveland Heights adding another $330,000.

“We were disappointed, but we really don’t have a choice,” said Cedar Fairmount SID Board President Sal Russo, Jr. “ODOT controls the funds.”

Cedar Fairmount SID Executive Director Kay Lowe shared Russo’s feelings. “We are very disappointed it will be delayed until spring 2017, but we understand the reasoning behind the decision,” Lowe said.

At the meeting, mention was made several times of the fact that, with the Republican National Convention coming to Cleveland in 2016, construction workers will be busy repairing roads until the convention’s opening. With that thought in mind, Nighttown owner and Cedar Fairmount SID Treasurer Brendan Ring said of the delay, “Maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world. It’s going to be so expensive to have work done in the next year because construction companies will be busy. Maybe it will cost less if we have to wait another year.”

Councilwoman Mary Dunbar attended the SID meeting and said City Council was notified the night before of ODOT’s decision. Dunbar said she thought someone had informed the SID’s board about the decision, but that did not happen until Tuesday’s meeting, adding to some board members’ frustration.

City Architecture Principal and Partner Alex Pesta, a Cleveland Heights resident, did go ahead and deliver an update on the streetscape improvements, which will eventually include several amenities. The improvements will take place between Buffalo Wild Wings, 12459 Cedar Road, and Nighttown, 12383 Cedar Road, on the north side of Cedar Road, and from Luna Bakery, 2482 Fairmount Blvd., to Chase Bank, 12388 Cedar Road, on the opposite side of the street.  Pesta showed images and spoke of new bike racks and metal benches that will include the Cedar Fairmount logo. Sidewalks will be widened in some areas and will include brick pavers set in a design that reflects the Tudor style of some of the district’s buildings.  The architect also showed new planters and freestanding trees to be planted, and bioswales near the Cedar Road curbs that will serve to catch water runoff from sidewalks. He said that the redesign should create approximately 40 additional on-street parking spaces within the district. “Overall,” he said of the plan, “there’ll be more landscaping.”  Pesta said the plans haven’t changed much since he initially showed them to the board, but that City Architecture is moving along with the process of having plans approved by ODOT.

Plans for the streetscape improvement were begun in 2013. The streetscape improvements will also include a multi-purpose trail that will run parallel to Cedar Hill, from Harcourt Drive to Ambleside Drive. The trail will connect, through Cleveland, to the under-construction Lake to Lakes Trail that will connect with Lake Erie.

Rox’s Eats at Cedar Fairmount’s Vero Bistro a Success

Rox’s Eats at Cedar Fairmount’s Vero Bistro a Success

Roxboro Elementary School families turned out to support Rox El’s PTA and enjoy a middle of the week meal at Vero Bistro in Cedar Fairmount, Wednesday, November 18th.  To the delight of the children, Marc Bucholzer, owner showed  them how he bakes pizza’s in the wood burning oven.  10% of the receipts went to support the PTA.   The third Wednesday of every month a different Cedar Fairmount restaurant will host Rox’s Eats Third Wednesday at Cedar Fairmount.  On December 16th Buffalo Wild Wings will be giving a percentage of receipts to Roxboro El PTA.  The PTA sponsors programs throughout the year for Roxboro Elementary School.


Join in the Fun at Cedar Fairmount’s Holiday Walk

Join in the Fun at Cedar Fairmount’s Holiday Walk

Saturday, December 12th Cedar Fairmount Merchants are hosting open houses and specials in their stores and restaurants. Stroll this charming, historic district and its stores decorated for the holidays with greenery and lights.  You can sign up for a gift basket at participating merchants.

Adults and children alike can decorate  gingerbread cookies  at Luna’s Cafe and Bakery.   Wes Airgood, jewelry designer, of Wanderlust Jewelers will host an Open House.  This new Cedar Fairmount Business is located above Starbucks at 12429 Cedar Suite 25. Wes specializes in custom jewelry. Many of his customers bring in heirloom pieces for redesign.

Cedar Fairmount is offering a free movie, “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen at the Alcazar at 1:00 pm.  Roxboro Elementary PTA will be offering a Gift Wrapping Center from noon to 4 pm  at 12433 Cedar Road between Howard Hanna Realty and Ten Thousand Villages. Donations will benefit the programs of the Roxboro Elementary PTA.  Cleveland Heights Church Carolers will be strolling the sidewalks in song  at 2 pm.

The days activities will culminate with free rides on Lolly the Trolley from 4:00 – 8:00 pm between Cedar Fairmount, Coventry, and the Cedar Lee Business Districts.  Pick up stop is at Luna Cafe & Bakery with drop off at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Restaurants will be offering evening specials for the Holiday Walk.

Cedar Fairmount offers a holiday atmosphere to shop and take a respite from the stress of holiday shopping.



Holiday Decorations at Cedar Fairmount

Holiday Decorations at Cedar Fairmount

The Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District and its merchants and restaurants will host a Holiday Stroll on Saturday, December 12th.   The merchants and restaurants will offer specials just for the event.  There will be a drawing at participating merchants.  The event includes a free movie at the Alcazar titled, “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen at 1:00 pm.  The Cleveland Heights Church will carol along the sidewalks at 2:00 pm.  Adults and children will be able to decorate Gingerbread Cookies at Luna Bakery and Cafe.  Roxboro EL PTA will offer gift wrapping for a donation from noon to 4:00 pm.  Appletree Books will showcase the work of artist, Gena Page.  Gena Page, Jewelry Designer will be at Appletree at 3:00 pm with her jewelry designs. .  A new Cedar Fairmount Business, Wanderlust Jewelers will host an Open House.  They are located above Starbucks at 12429 Cedar Road, Suite 25.

For the second year Cedar Fairmount will join Coventry and Cedar Lee SID’s in offering free rides on Lolly the Trolley from 4:00 – 8:00 pm rotating through the districts. Pick up will be at Luna Cafe and Bakery. Drop off will be at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Riding on Lolly the Trolley is hassle free.  It’s a chance to visit each district during the holidays, enjoy the uniqueness of each, and witness the holiday decorations along the way.

The City of Cleveland Heights is offering free parking for the Holiday Stroll on December 12th.  Enjoy the holidays and visit the merchants and restaurants in Cedar Fairmount.  Each offers gift certificates along with the Beauty Shops, Pilates and Yoga studio, and Massage Therapist.


Rox’s Eats Third Wednesday at Cedar Fairmount

Roxboro Elementary PTA kicks off restaurant dining tour with Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District on Wednesday nights the third week of every month.

Starting November 18th the Rox El PTA will host their first “Rox Eats Third Wednesdays  at Vero Bistro at 12421 Cedar Road.  Each month a different restaurant will be chosen.  Ten percent of proceeds from the day’s meals at Vero Bistro will benefit the Rox El PTA and Roxboro students directly.

This program not only allows the PTA to raise necessary funds to benefit our students, but also helps support the local businesses that support us and our neighborhood,” said Clare Taft, Rox EL PTA President. “The PTA will use the funds raised to benefit the students through funding field trips and providing mini grants to Rox EL teachers for educational enhancements.  The money raised goes back to the kids.”

On December 16th Rox Eats will be at Buffalo Wild Wings.  January 20th at the Fairmount, February 17th at Nighttown Restaurant, March 16th at Liquid Planet and on April 20th Luna Bakery and Cafe.  Mark your calendars and help the children.

The Rox EL PTA serves the parents and caregivers, students and staff of Roxboro Elementary School in Cleveland Heights.  In addition to providing small grants to teachers for educational enhancements in the classrooms,  the PTA coordinates volunteers in the classroom and the school library, including the PTA’s the Village tutoring program.  Each year, the PTA hosts a 4 to 2 mile fun run through the Roxboro neighborhood, encouraging healthy habits.  The PTA helps fund classroom materials and field trips.  PTA volunteers and funds support a variety of year round after school programming for students.  The PTA hosts a number of social events for families, including a Halloween Dance, Valentine Dance, Pot Luck Dinners and a Multicultural Night.

Avoid the after work, after school scramble on Wednesdays to prepare the evening meal by dining out at a Cedar Fairmount restaurant the third Wednesday of each month.  It will ease your day and support your school.  Just mention you wish to support Rox Eats at Cedar Fairmount!  You do not have to have a child at Roxboro Elementary School to support Roxs Eats Third Wednesdays!



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