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The Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District (SID) is in support of the Top of the Hill Project at Euclid Heights Boulevard and Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights.

 The area is on the former site of Doctor’s Hospital that was 10 floors. This was built in the Cedar Fairmount neighborhood, which was created for density in a planned community.

Flaherty and Collins, the developers for Top of the Hill, have been represented at numerous focus and community meetings throughout the process.  They have been co-operative and listened to the community’s comments.  Flaherty and Collins have addressed the concerns of parking, and residential and commercial needs of the area.

 Cedar Fairmount SID believes that the design and scale will enhance the business community and surrounding neighborhood.  Top of the Hill will create a dynamic entrance to Cleveland Heights.


 Cedar Fairmount Board of Trustees

 Sal Russo Sr., President

Pete Axelrod, Vice President

Lee Cavender, Secretary

Brendan Ring, Treasure

 Sal A. Russo

Cheryl Davis

Vince Pangle

Rex Beck

 Further  information on the update of the plans can be found at:

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