Global Wellness Day

Join us downtown Cleveland THIS SATURDAY, June 10th, as we celebrate Global Wellness Day, an international event that is simultaneously taking place in over 100 countries. Enjoy exercise classes, educational sessions, wellness activities, and even one-on-one sessions with natural healthcare professionals all for FREE! Dr. Erin will also be giving two brief introductory talks:

12:30pm Introduction to Heartfulness Meditation

1:00 pm Naturopathic Medicine and Pain

Feel free to stop by the Ohio Naturopathic Doctors Association (OHNDA) table at anytime, there will be multiple NDs to answer any questions you may have about naturopathic medicine in Ohio. We are almost 30 doctors strong now in Ohio, and growing!

There will also be a table for Heartfulness Meditation, a wonderful system for learning to settle our modern, overworked minds! Talk with volunteers about learning to meditate on your own, one-on-one or with a group. All services and information with this international organizatio

n are free.

Please pre-register at eventbrite for this free event for a promo bag

(tickets not required for entry, but just to receive your free promo gift bag!)

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

Many of you are aware that Dr Erin brought her colleague, Dr. Nasha Winters, to Cleveland earlier this year to train a group of physicians about Mistletoe (Viscum album Extract), an immunomodulating cancer therapy. Dr. Erin is now bringing another significant part of Dr. Winters’ amazing encyclopedic brain to her patients -and you- by sharing the Metabolic Approach to Cancer at Options.

Having overcome this incredibly complex and mysterious disease process herself 25 years ago (Stage IV Ovarian cancer, no easy feat!), Dr. Nasha is sharing her knowledge for the world to see in these information-dense pages. Co-written by the founder of Remission Nutrition, master nutritionist Jess Higgins Kelley, it is full of dietary advice and revelations that will get you thinking to reconsider what you always thought was health food.

Whether you are trying to prevent yourself from ever getting cancer, trying to avoid a recurrence or deep in the struggle right now, this is a book you MUST read. It is a wonderful resource for those who are seeking to improve their overall health and learn how to manage this toxic world us humans have created. Honestly, it is the first and only book Dr. Erin feels comfortable recommending to ALL patients when asked “What should I read to learn more about this process?”


Order here – Only $23 – best price available! (better than Amazon!)

Introducing Optimal Finance

3rd party financing for naturopathic care at Options

Too often people allow their health to suffer because naturopathic medicine is not covered by one’s healthcare insurance plan. We’ve created a way for those who are really suffering and need to make a massive life change to be able to afford their care with Dr. Erin.

Optimal Finance is a program used to make financial arrangements that best suit you. Apply online and Optimum Practice will help budget the cost of your visits and treatments over the time period that you choose (12-84 months). With eight different lenders, this program has a high approval rate. For more information, please click here or see details from the link on our website.

Get yourself well and get back to your life!

Options is Growing, so…Welcome JESSICA!

Some of you may have experienced frustration over missing products or minor errors lately. We have been doing our best but have been incredibly overwhelmed this year, due to significant increase in a need for our care and services since January. Forgive us for our growing pains and thank you for your patience! To help with this shortfall in time and staffing, we have brought CSU student and previous volunteer Jessica Harford on board. We will have Jessica for the next two years, before she plans to attend naturopathic medical school herself in the fall of 2019!

Please welcome Jessica to the Options Naturopathic Team!

Happy summer everyone!

-Dr Erin, Fannie & Jessica

Options Naturopathic Clinic

Erin Holston Singh, N.D.


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