The 2018 Heights Music Hop is being held in three Cleveland Heights Business Districts this year:  Coventry on Thursday, September 7, Cedar Fairmount on Friday, September 8th, and Cedar Lee on Saturday, September 9th.  Check out www.heightsmusichop for details.

Cedar Fairmount is under streetscape construction, but all venues will be accessible.  New sidewalks are in on the south side of Fairmount Boulevard and Cedar Road.  Free parking is available in the municpal lots and garage.  It will be a fun evening with many of the venues offering free refreshments.

Venues include:  Appletree Books featuring Cuguga at 6:30 and Cleveland Revolution at 7 pm..  Pavilion Home & Floral  features M. Moody at 7 pm and By Light We Loom at 8:30 pm.   Luna Bakery Cafe will host Tim McDonald’s Move at 6 pm and The Jacob Wynne Ensemble at 7:30 pm.  Cleveland Heights Church has Joshua Stouffer at 7 pm and Vio’s Project at 9 pm.   The Fairmount has 3 groups.  Saint Light at 6:30 pm, Hamilton Handshake at 9:30 pm, followed by Old Boys at 10:30 pm.   Cedar Fairmount Business District Streetscape may not be complete, but there should be no problem walking between events. .  The venues offer a variety of music, so plan to hop in hop out on Friday, September 8th for a a fun time!

By Light We Loom at Pavilion Home & Floral at 8:30 pm

Cuyuga at Appletree Books at 6:30 pm

City Limits at Nighttown at 8 pm

Vio’s Project 9 pm Cleveland Heights Church

Hamilton Handshake and Garden Tour at the Fairmount at 9:30 pm


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