The gas line construction is tentatively scheduled to be completed around the middle to end of June. They are just finishing up the north side of the street, and will be preparing to flip the entire operation to the south side of Cedar. East Ohio Gas has run into some set-backs, and so they won’t be able  to say with any certainty that they will be finished by a specific date, but a safe guess would be the middle to end of June.

As for the Streetscape, the City of Cleveland Heights  intends to have a meeting with the business owners as we get closer to the construction date for the streetscape. Currently based on the initial schedule that Perk submitted, they will be working within the area between Euclid Heights and Norfolk sometime around the middle of July. But that date can be sooner or later depending on if they run into any road blocks (i.e. weather, unforeseen conditions, etc.) or not, .A safe guess will be the beginning to middle of July (but this can be subject to change).

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