Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sal Russo, Sr. called the meeting to order.  Present:  Lynn Quintrell, Appletree Books; Kari Moore, Farm Share Ohio; Brian Anderson, Tim Boland, Susanna Nierman O’Neil, Mary Dunbar, City of Cleveland Heights; Don King, Buckingham Condominiums; Sal Russo, Sr. Cedar Grandview Building; Cheryl Davis, Fifth Third Bank; Brendan Ring, Nighttown Restaurant; Dick Andrews, Buffalo Wild Wings; Michelle Ross, Pavilion Home & Floral; Lee Cavender, Heights Center Building; Vince Pangle, Cedar Fairmount LLC; Rex Beck, Cleveland Heights Church; Kaye Lowe, Executive Director

Secretary Report: Lee Cavender polled members present concerning the October minutes which were posted on the website and electronically sent to trustees.   Mary Dunbar moved we accept the minutes.  Cheryl Davis seconded.

The treasury report was given.  With all bills paid through December 8, 2016 the balance is $46,902.78.

The bill for the holiday green has not been received.   Cedar Fairmount is ending the year quite well.  Monies have been allocated for some items for the upcoming streetscape project.  Lee Cavender moved we accept the treasury report.   Rex Beck seconded.

Reports; City of Cleveland Heights:

2017 Streetscape Update:

Susanna Nierman O’Neil reported the City received seven bids for the Cedar Fairmount Streetscape Project.   Perk Builders of Cleveland came in underbid.  The city is awarding them the contract. The city has worked with them in the past.  Perk will both repave Cedar Road and complete the Cedar Fairmount Streetscape Improvements.   In two weeks there will be pre-construction meetings with the City of Cleveland Heights personnel, Perk and Osborne Engineering.   In late January a pre-construction meeting will be held with Cedar Fairmount trustees, city of Cleveland Height personnel, and Perk.  A time line will be developed, renderings will be prepared and questions addressed.   Weather permitting, the project will start in February.  The City will create a website for the Cedar Fairmount project, continually updating with the latest information. A parking map will be created for the website, and signage will be continually positioned to assist motorists during each phase.  Anyone can email the city, if they think the signage is incorrect.  Work on the multipurpose path down Cedar Road will start as early as next week.  There will be free parking at Cedar Fairmount on the surface lots, parking garage and meters on weekends during construction.

Tim Boland, Economic Development Director reported the City of Cleveland Heights has authorized his applying for the Green Building Initiative Grant.  If the grant is received it would be a matching grant up to $5000 on eligible projects in 2017.   At the October Trustee meeting several building owners thought the grant could be used for upcoming projects.

Top of the Hill Development Update:   The City of Cleveland Heights is working on a letter of intent.  Cleveland Heights has hired Tucker Ellis to negotiate the letter of intent with Fairmount Properties  The letter will set the stage for a development agreement with specifics.  The letter is the foundation to move the project forward.  It should be complete in January.  Then the development agreement will be crafted. Following will be public meetings to get the neighbors input and specific designs, which will need to be rendered and approved by the city.  Construction will likely take 16-24 months.  Brendan Ring announced Mr. Randy Ruttenberg, Fairmount Properties, will be meeting with the Chestnut Hill property owners to learn more of the project on January 17th at Nighttown.  If any other neighborhood group wishes to meet with the Fairmount Properties, contact Brendan, who will facilitate a meeting.

Other Economic Developments:  Brian Anderson is working to fill existing vacancies throughout the city.

 Old Business:

One School, One Book:  Roxboro Elementary PTA is asking for businesses to participate in a Scavenger Hunt between Jan. 30 – Feb.7 that is related to the book the children, parents, and teachers are reading.   A symbol from the story would be placed in each participating store for the children to find.   Prizes will be given out at the end.  Merchants are also asked to consider donating a prize.  Please see Kaye to participate.

RoxEl PTA would like to do a Rox Eats at Cedar Fairmount on a day of the Scavenger Hunt.  They asked if Buffalo Wild Wings would host a Rox Eats and donate a portion of the checks to the PTA.  Richard Andrews said his Sports Bar would be pleased to do so.   Kaye will co-ordinate the event with Alex Graves and Clare Taft of RoxEl PTA.

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Grant:   Kaye reported Cedar Fairmount received a $4,000.00 matching grant for the Summer Festival.  This will be the 16th year for the festival.  A committee is being formed to plan an event with changes from the previous format.  Volunteers are needed.  Contact Kaye at cedarfairmount@aol.com.  The 2017 festival will be on Sunday, August 13th starting at noon.

New Business:

Office Phone:  Our phone is more than 10 years old and is not working properly.  Kaye asked to be authorized to purchase a new phone for $100 or less.  Lee moved to have Kaye purchase a new phone for not more than $100.00.  Sal seconded.  Motion carried.

 Streetscape Marketing Committee:   Brendan Ring will head the committee to work on signage and projects to draw business to the area.  He will host a meeting on Tuesday, December 20th at 9 am.

Reaching Heights Request:   Cedar Fairmount received a request from nonprofit Reaching Heights to support their 2016 Annual Fund.  Discussion followed.  Lee Cavender motioned we donate $100.00.  Sal Sr. seconded.  Motion carried.

Edible Cleveland Magazine:   Cedar Fairmount has negotiated a rate for CF businesses to have one third of a page in Edible Cleveland, a free quarterly magazine.  CF’s cost is $216.00 each quarter, and the same for the four other advertisers included on the third of a page.  Kaye asked if we wished to continue supporting CF merchants by advertising with them.  We renew the contract in 2017.   Discussion followed.   It was decided to continue, try to have more advertisers, and increase the size of the ad.

(This was discussed after some board members left, but we had enough trustees for a vote.)

Benefit for Alicia Marotta Linihan (owner of Marotta Restaurant who died suddenly at age 43 of a heart attack):  A benfit is being planned for January 22nd from 4 – 7 pm at Nighttown.  Tickets of $50.00 each will be purchased on line at Nighttown.   Discussion followed.  Brendan Ring motioned Cedar Fairmount donate $400.00 to a scholarship fund for the Linihan children.  Susanna Nierman O’Neil seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:30


Recorder:  Kaye Lowe

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