Nighttown is named after the Dublin Red-Light District in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses.  The restaurant/pub/jazz club possesses the ambiance of Irish pubs and turn of the century New York bars. Leaded, etched, and stained glass, combined with a clutter of memorabilia from earlier eras decorate the four distinctly different dining rooms, two active bars and Stephen’s Green, their  100 seat patio.  Since its opening day in 1965, the menu has been a model of consistency.  Top-quality Certified Angus Beef, milk-fed veal, and the freshest of fish and chicken are prepared with creative simplicity.  Nighttown’s new Yamaha Baby Grand  Piano sits center stage in front of red velvet drapes for the use of world re-known Jazz artists.

Cedar Fairmount’s Nighttown is definitely the place to be for St. Patrick’s Day revelry Saturday, March 17th.

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