Title: Reading and Signing by Author, Kathy Ewing
Location: Appletree Books 12419 Cedar Road Cleveland Heights, Oh 44106
Link out: Click here
Description: Reading and Signing:
Kathy Ewing

Thursday, March 23, 6-8pm
Presentation begins at 7 pm

Kathy Ewing
reads from and signs copies of her recent memoir,
Missing: Come to Terms with
a Borderline Mother
(Red Giant Books)
Kathy Ewing knows what it’s like to be raised by someone variously sullen, pleasant, angry, demanding, manipulative, engaging, and all the rest-sometimes changing from one mood to the next in a single conversation. In this personal memoir she writes of her memories from my childhood, in rough chronology, showing her mother’s troubling behavior -the behavior that mystified her until she found a name for it, until she could put it in the context of Borderline Personality Disorder. The memoir shows how the diagnosis, the wrestling with her history, and the very writing of it have provided some comfort, if not healing.
Kathy Ewing has lived in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, for thirty four years. She teaches Latin at Cleveland State University and has led a yearly SAGES seminar on alternative education at Case Western Reserve University. Her writing has been published widely—in, for example, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Northern Ohio Live, The Cleveland Edition, Cleveland Magazine, Case Magazine, John Carroll Magazine, Growing Without Schooling, The Bark, and The Book Group Book, among others. She frequently reviews books for the Plain Dealer and wrote a weekly book column for The Cleveland Edition. She has interviewed and profiled such writers as Alix Kates Shulman, Jonathan Kozol, and Tony Hiss. Her fiction has appeared at fullofcrow.com and her poetry in The Delinquent #15.

Start Time: 06:00 pm
Date: 2017-03-23
End Time: 08:00 pm

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