Spotlight on Local Talent:
Crawdads Workshop
My name is Ryan Thompsonand Crawdads Workshop
is my metal/wood workshop, which operates
out of my Old Brooklyn 2-car garage.

It is an eclectic combination of my many interests. Mostly I create wood/metal coffee tables, steampunk lamps, bookends, shelves, and quite a few things in between. I love the process from start to finish, of salvaging forgotten pieces of American industry and putting them back into use, whether that is restoring the very tools I use, or reimagining obsolete fixtures of Cleveland. Few things are as thrilling to me as finding the perfect building materials. I’m a regular at local auctions, garage sales, and scrap yards, on Craigslist and the curbside. Getting home and having the right tools to mill, plane, cut, turn, grind, and sand
items into their final form is my second great thrill.

I’m excited to partner with Appletree Books to share these products and be able to bring them into your home.  I encourage anyone to check me out on Instagram at crawdadsworkshop or email me for pricing or custom work.

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