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Cedar Fairmount News Update

Cedar Fairmount News Update

Cedar Fairmount’s Streetscape Renovation is finally complete.  There are a few little projects to be completed. When Odot signs off on the project, trees will replace the small shrubs along Heights Center Building, and Chase Bank.( Probably in the Spring.) An RTA Bus... read more

August Streetscape Update

Perk Construction is removing the sidewalks in front of Cedar Grandview Building (Dave’s and Top Hat Cleaners) and Height Medical Building (The Fairmount to Luna Bakery Cafe) Plywood has been placed  as temporary sidewalks for walkers. There is parking behind... read more

June 16, 2017 Construction Update

Traffic lanes that were temporarily closed  on June 15th from Grandview east on Fairmount Blvd. are now open.  Parking for Cedar Fairmount businesses are assesible..  There is parking behind Heights Medical Building on Fairmount, Dave’s Market for their... read more

June 15th Update

The breaks in the water main outside of the Heights Medical Building are repaired.  One at Dave’s Market is being repaired presently.   Fairmount Boulevard is temporarily closed going east from Grandview.   read more
May 23 Streetscape Update

May 23 Streetscape Update

The gas line construction is tentatively scheduled to be completed around the middle to end of June. They are just finishing up the north side of the street, and will be preparing to flip the entire operation to the south side of Cedar. East Ohio Gas has run into some... read more

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